You know we’ve spoken about dogs making decisions before and how I know that they do.  Well, I’ve got a story to tell you about something that Madeline is doing now and you can make your mind up as to whether, first, my dog is psychic and secondly, whether she is making an intelligent decision.More...

The last few times Claude and I have been about to go to the post office or really anywhere, Madeline has taken for granted that she’s going to.  That’s not something that most dogs won’t do.  They can get a little pushy about riding in the car.  But, Madeline always takes either her baby bear or her baby puppy along.  These bed-hugging babies become a pillow for her on any trip.  Besides, they’re the ones she loves and as such deserve a trip too.

Only lately, before I even make the decision to leave the house, our little dog goes and gets one of her babies and follows me around while making little excursions to the garage door just to make sure we don’t leave her at home.  Now you tell me if that’s psychic.  And I didn’t use the word “go” once.  Another part of the psychic for her is that when she goes to the garage door, I’ve generally made my mind up that she’ll be part of our excursion.  When she’s not going, she knows it and waits for me to put her on the sofa.

The intelligent part is that she makes a decision that she wants to go too, picks up a baby and tries to discern the best time for hitting the door to the garage.  I’d think that’s an intelligent decision, wouldn’t you?

Da Juana