Dogs again…..

When you have dogs, you get all kinds of wonderful surprises even though sometimes they might not be quite as wonderful as you’d like.More... 

You know the two girls have been sick because of the heartworm pills by which they were poisoned.  You also know that both girls sleep with stuffed animals.  Mysti has a frog and a reindeer that she relaxes with, above and beyond the baskets of other animals of play she barely touches anymore.  But Madeline does. 

Mysti’s just getting over the illness.  Madeline’s been free of it for about two days.  

Madeline has the baby bear and the baby puppy that she takes to bed with her at night and wakes up in the morning.  Well, to my chagrin, baby bear went missing last night.  I noticed that I hadn’t seen it all day.  And that’s out of the ordinary. 

Here I am getting up at three to four each morning and staying up for the babies then going to bed at around eleven.  Can you believe how tired I was last night when I tried to sneak into bed around ten-thirty?  But, alas, Madeline’s baby bear wasn’t there and there would be no sleep until I found it. 

So, I did a room-by-room search looking under beds, in closets, in the dirty clothes closet more than once, in the blankets Claude folded and put onto our settee at least five times maybe two hundred.  But baby bear was nowhere to be found. 

Thinking it might be outdoors; I got the big flashlight, woke up the dove that’s nesting in the pot next to the door and went looking for baby bear in the night.  He didn’t show up. 

Once again I retreated back into the house, started searching everything again, got down on hands and knees looking under beds and was attacked from the rear when I felt a small gray dog bite into my clothing and begin to shake her head furiously.  As any good mother might do, I tried to keep her from tearing up my clothing by reaching back and grabbing her.  Don’t ever grab a growling, biting dog even if you love them.  She grabbed my little finger in that thing that children do where they push the knuckles together in what they call a “mouse bite,” and she wouldn’t turn lose, all the while shaking that tiny head.  Can you say you saw your life passing before your eyes?  By the time I got my finger back, I was ever so grateful.  Upon inspecting it, I couldn’t see even one tooth print.  There should have been at least one with all that pain. 

Explaining to her again that I couldn’t find baby bear, she gave me a look of, “You think you’re going to get sleep tonight?”  Calling to Claude and begging, and I mean it literally, I was so tired, for his help, we searched the house again. 

After the abuse sustained by a small dog looking for her night critter, I got more from him.  Staring at me he muttered, “Some psychic you are.”  I wanted to hurt him.  I laid my hand down on the babies quilt on the settee in order to steady myself for the leap over the settee I was about to make in order to quiet his smirking.  That’s when I felt baby bear. 

He’d remained hidden from sight, snug as a bug in a rug even while I’d taken those pillows and blankets apart, searching.

When I brought him up, Claude smiled.  Madeline just told me to give her baby to her immediately.  She’s not patient.  She bit him carefully between the legs, something I might have loved to do to Claude at that moment, went over to her bed and said put us up there mother.  Of course, I did it.  Then she put baby bear under her so that she could keep her head on him because she knew that I’d hidden him on purpose and might grab him again at any moment.  She didn’t know it wasn’t baby bear I wanted to grab right then.

Finally, after looking for about forty-five minutes, listening to Claude’s snide remarks and getting mauled by a ten-pound menace, I thought I’d pour myself into bed and sleep the night away.  At twelve-thirty I was glancing at the clock.  At six-thirty Madeline told me that I’d slept enough.  Her sister needed to go outside.

Such is the life of a mother, even a psychic mother.

Da Juana