Dogs and ghosts interact…past lives affect ghosts

It’s funny how dogs and ghosts interact and even how past lives can affect ghosts.

The other day, while speaking with my daughter via phone, I asked if her dog, Bella, was asleep. “Yes,” she replied, “She’s lying on top of the sofa where she usually sleeps.”

“I thought so,” I countered, “because Mysti just walked through our house, stopped and stared at Madeline and Gabrielle sleeping next to my desk.”

Surely you remember that Mysti is now in Bella’s body as I’ve mentioned often before. Well, she was taking the time while her new body slept to visit her previous mother and sister where the new interloper, Gabrielle, now resides too.

What’s funny is that while I watched her watching her sister and Gabrielle, I heard her too. She was concerned that Gabrielle had taken her place too easily. As I listened I heard her mentally sparring with herself. She realized that Gabrielle hadn’t really taken her place at all just about the same time I started telling her mentally she hadn’t. She immediately retreated from being a little angry at the new dog in our life to being thankful that Madeline had her around to which I was grateful.

When Madeline and Bella see each other in the flesh, both play and act almost like they did when they were together in Mysti’s prior life. The tables have changed however. It’s different now because Bella is much smaller than Madeline just as Madeline was in comparison to Mysti before. But, and this is a big but, Mysti, even though she is so much smaller now, still has the same personality she had before, along with some other major characteristics and acts them out just as she did before.

It was nice seeing Mysti walk through the house again, even if it were for only a few moments. I miss her terribly although I know my baby’s safe with my daughter. And, I’ve mentioned to Bella several times that she chose her new mother because they have lessons to learn when she tries to get me to interfere in something her new mother says “no” to or when she emphatically tells Gabrielle that she doesn’t belong in my lap with her and Madeline.

Dogs take spirituality for granted. They know it’s a part of life and they live with it. We try to bargain with God and make life different than the recycling plant life is. Though I miss Mysti I’m glad she’s got a good life again and that I get to see her physically as well as ghostly.

Da Juana