Dogs expect fair play!

Dogs expect fair play!  Something I’ve known for a long time about dogs, and something that science is just now beginning to understand according to this week’s issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is that dogs can get jealous. More... 

Raise your hands; all you dog, supposed, because we know we don’t own them, owners out there.  Have you noticed your dog ever having human tendencies?  Study authors, from the University of Vienna in Austria, say that it had once been believed that this trait only belonged to humans.  Yeah, right!  This study showed that dogs showed cooperation with humans if not as much with each other. 

The study involved paired dogs sitting beside each other with their human parents (better than owners) standing behind them.  A researcher would ask each dog to shake hands or paws.  Once the “shake” was successful, each dog was rewarded with a snack.  But, if the dog that “shook” didn’t get its treat and the other dog did, trouble ensued.  The deprived dog would eventually get enough and tell them what they could do with its paw without a handshake.  Not only that, but if the dog who was denied was denied in front of another dog, the forsaken “handshake” happened more quickly.  Well, who wants to keep on working for no treats?

According to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, in my own state, at Texas A&M University in College Station, “Envy implies a certain emotional state and a thought process, at least by the classic definition.  We don’t know what they’re thinking.  (Ask a good psychic/medium)  We know that at least without appropriate rewards, they’re not willing to continue working.  This gives us a scientific procedure that allows us to give better evaluation,” states Bonnie V. Beaver, a professor in the department of small animal clinical sciences. 

This experiment could have easily been done in my home without treats.  All it took was for Mysti to see Madeline getting some kind of attention she wasn’t, then her little Pisces self would never forget it.  Oh, she’d give me love but she’d also remind me that she’d been slighted over and over again.

So, medical science is finally coming up with what you and I knew all along, dogs are free thinkers.  I’m just glad that science is catching up.  Now, how do I get scientists to understand that God and science are one in the same?  There’s hope.

Da Juana