Dogs, ghosts and guinea fowls are all good alarm systems.

Dogs, ghosts and guinea fowls are all good alarm systems.

As a child I quickly learned that when my dogs said go look, go look. There was always a good reason.

That’s also when I learned what a death howl was. Although I knew dogs had to learn at least two languages, theirs and ours, it never occurred to me that there was such a thing as a death howl until I heard it. It’s something you’ll never forget.

While sitting at the dinner table one night, our dog, King, let out a howl that literally could raise the dead.

My father, an avid hunter, immediately jumped up, said “the death howl,” and ran for the back yard. Since King was his favorite hunting dog he was in tune with him but how could you not have been when you heard his eerie calling. Had daddy not jumped and run King would have died. He’d cut the vein on the back of his leg right by the main ligament and was bleeding out. His howl was his attempt to let daddy know what had happened because if he walked he’d bleed out faster.

Daddy made an exception because he was a working dog and ran him to the vet. After a little recuperation, King lived to hunt again.

A little later I learned about guinea fowl and boy do I love them. If you don’t know what a guinea is then you’re missing something. Being raised on a farm I’ve learned a lot about life especially mean pheasants and roosters. Guineas though are the best watch dogs in the world. They have a call that sounds kind of like “rook.” When they see anything out of the ordinary, they tell you. Some might find their voices difficult but I love hearing them.

Being the watchers they are my two baby dogs and my ghostly friends, even if I don’t know some of them are giving off signals now to keep me at attention. Some things have happened that makes them more vigilant even militant but I’m sure it will be okay. I’d like to have about six guineas around as well but you know how city life is. I’ll have to settle for my babies and metaphysical friends.

Da Juana

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