Dogs grieve…

People may not realize it but dogs grieve.  I can see it in Madeline.  She misses Mysti.  There’re days when I can tell she’s depressed and it’s not because she’s not getting the food she wants either.  It’s because her sister is gone.More...

While Mysti was alive, Madeline gave her …., let’s just say, Madeline could have been nicer but she wasn’t.  Many times Mysti walked away from the smaller dog with a bloody ear.  It was nice that Mysti didn’t have to meet revenge on her little sister for every time Madeline did something nasty.  However, there were times that Mysti encouraged the little one into excitement by pinching her cheeks or ears.  Mysti could pinch hard.  And I think that Madeline misses some of those times, even though they might have been just a tad painful.

There are just some things mother and daddy can’t give the little one that her sister could, being that they were both dogs.  When we left the two of them at home, they had each other.  In chasing some toy, they had each other.  I’m not as capable of running through chair legs and out to chase Madeline as maybe I was when younger.  But that wouldn’t have ever been a favorite pass time of mine as it is for her.

I’ve seen her staring off into space.  I’ve even seen her watch someone move across the floor that others didn’t see.  When I looked in the direction her little eyes were watching, I’d catch a glimpse of the one we both miss, Mysti.

Having one cross over isn’t easy even when you can still see them.

Da Juana