Dogs really are like kids…….

Although I like Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, I know that he’s wrong on one thing; dogs really are like kids.  And it’s not just our dogs, Mysti and Madeline either.  I’ve seen it time and again in family after family.  Since I was a young child, I’ve talked with animals as well as the other side.  Before you laugh, you’ve got to know that most often, you get more honest information from both those sources than you do from the human family.  I know that sounds bad but basically animals have no reason to lie, except maybe for Ms. Muffin.  They’re usually quite truthful.More...

Animals do tend to want to suit their own needs though.  Take Madeline, this morning.  In the morning, I generally get up, give the girls their breakfast and sit down on the sofa with my morning two cups of coffee, with Mysti at my legs and feet and Madeline by my side, for my own private time.  Not only that but I watch the chick flicks I’ve tevo’d so that I can run through them without commercial break.  All of us sit quietly covered with a blanket that Madeline especially loves.  It’s so soft that I’ve caught her rubbing her face on it and it wasn’t to mark it either.  Now, on occasion, when mother’s feeling good about her youngest dogter, I rub her face with the blanket and Madeline eats it up.  It’s a mother dogter love ritual like Mysti licking my feet.

But back to her little ritual this morning.  After drinking my coffee and before feeding the girls again, Mysti eats about five times a day because of the diabetes; I try to have my own breakfast.  I’m very sneaky with it because I want them to stay on the sofa asleep while I eat because when they get up, all Mysti can think about is going outside, and she will lie, ie Muffin, to do it.  Remember I told you that Mysti was Muffin reincarnate.  Well, she brought back that much of lying because she loves the outdoors so much.  She also brought back the diabetes, the disease Muffin died from. 

Because little Madeline usually sleeps with her head on my leg and knows when I’ve finished my coffee, she’s awake when I get up to sneak around and get my breakfast.  You probably know where this is going.  Mysti didn’t immediately get up.  Guess she needed a little extra sleep this morning since she’d been up at one thirty AM. 

Madeline started stretching and yawning.  When she yawns, she does this little sound.  I say little.  You can hear it throughout the house but it’s just so cute unless you’re trying to keep Mysti napping so that you get your breakfast without interruption.  Cereal gets soggy if you have to take the dogs out. 

Standing at the cabinet eating, I could see Madeline working her charms to wake her sister.  The yawning happened about four times with all the cute little sounds getting louder each time.  When that didn’t work, she started nuzzling the blanket.  That’s when I whispered loudly for her to stop.  With sweet, innocent eyes, she turned and looked at me and asked, “Who me, mother?”  And she did that about four more times with the same innocent expression each time I shushed her because nuzzling a blanket can be loud.

Mysti continued to sleep.  I was about a quarter a way through my cereal.  With any luck I’d be able to finish quickly.  And Claude wonders why I eat so fast.  It’s because I’m trying to get everything done in a timely manner. 

Now, Madeline is sure that nothing’s worked and she really wants her sister up without making mother mad and hearing that awful griping of, “Madeline, why’d you do that?”  After all, I’d been asking her after almost every other incident.

I watched her stretch one more time, then she barked.  “Shhhhh,” I said and she barked again.  Mysti started rousing after the next shhhhh, got out from under the blanket and walked to the door.  Madeline smiled.  Mother had soggy cereal. 

Dogs are kids.  I rest my case.

Da Juana