As I write, I have two puppy dogs at my feet.  Little Madeline doesn’t want me too far from her.  I think she must feel a little under the weather right now.  Of course Mysti is always by my side and always has been. More... 

Today, Madeline has been asking me to hold her more than usual.  When daddy tries to love on her, she lets him but she doesn’t want him to try to take her from me.  And she’s staying right under my feet, the way a baby does when they’re hurting.

It’s amazing how puppies become our children and how we, even if we’re not psychic, can understand the little challenges and changes in our babies personalities.  Well, I was right.  She just vomited on the mat beside me.  Well, so much for mother’s intuition. 

Got to go take care of the girls.

Da Juana