Dolores and the ghost

The other night my girlfriend, Dolores, spent the night because of the ice storm we had in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and my house’s proximity to her business.

Since we haven’t seen each other in a long while, we were like two teenagers catching up and laughing. We were in the bathroom, washing our face, brushing our teeth and all the things you do when you’re getting ready for bed plus kidding and cutting up too.

Dolores turned to look into my bedroom I thought and then turned right back to finish flossing her teeth. Immediately she turned back to the same place she’d looked before which was my little room for the potty and turned right back. There’s a man. “I knew I saw him a minute ago,” she explained, “and he’s still there.”

I knew who she was speaking of but needed her to tell me by my asking how tall he was, to which she held her hand up to his height on the door she was less than a couple of feet from. Then I explained that it was my friend and a disk jockey I’d worked with back in the eighties and nineties.

A couple of weeks or three before he’d come to see me after my thinking of him incessantly. The funny part is that I’d looked at him and told him that I hoped he’d been visiting and wasn’t really dead. He was and he verified how he’d died which I had proven later.

He’s been around occasionally since and Dolores got to meet this very talented and nice man.

Da Juana

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