Don’t know if it is karma or not!

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Day before yesterday, while standing in line at the post office, two women came in behind me. One was holding a little, sleeping girl about 2 or 3 years old. When one woman asked the other how her family was doing, she said so that all could hear, “Oh, my son has flu and I sent him to school yesterday with a fever but I thought he would be better. And my other daughter has it too. Now, I think the one I am holding is getting it.”

These two women weren’t 2 feet from me. Upon hearing this, I turned to them and told them to stay away from me. Generally, I am a little nicer when I say things such as this, but as you well know, Claude has diabetes that he got after the stroke. His doctor told me to keep him away from anything that could make him sick. And I try. The two women looked at me as if I was the most horrible person in the world. I explained about my husband and about that time he walked into the post office. That’s when I asked him politely if he would wait in the car. I didn’t want him exposed.

Maybe I am old-fashioned but when my children were sick, I didn’t send them to school with a fever, nor did I visit the post office so that my child could infect everyone around. Now, there have been times when I wasn’t aware either my child or I was ill. Then later found out but I wouldn’t intentionally carry my child out in public when she was ill either. To me that is a very selfish act. It says that you care for no one but yourself.

Well, later yesterday afternoon I began to see the gift I had gotten for Christmas. You remember, a stomach virus. Maybe it was karma for my having bad thoughts about those two women. I try not to think ill of anyone. Today I am feeling better but still have a headache. One thing is for sure. I will try not to go out and infect anyone else. This is not one of those pass it along kind of gifts.

Da Juana

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  1. Replymellpoirier
    Hello DaJuana, It's mell. Your new psychic friend. I read your blog the other day. It amazes me how impolite people really are. not letting you know they had found their loved ones after your helping them! I thought this was a bit funny as I started having my visits again while I was very sick. I left that part out in my original mail to you. I had Pnemonia, very badly. I was sick for 6 weeks! I lost my job due to the fact that I did not return to work during my illness. What is wrong with people! I was so so sick I was in the hospital the first few days. Why would people risk spreading their sicknesses!! I have three boys and never sent them anywhere sick! That is horrific! Anyway, beside the no job thing. I am doing well and enjoy my visits with my new friends. I did think of calling to get some investment advice but am very sceptical about it too. Please don't take offense to that I'm just in a very bad situation w/ money now due to the fact that I was sick and lost my job. If you have a particular person you think could help me with this I would trust your advice however. Take care and take care of that husband of yours! Your friend, mell sorry, my keyboard seems to have a virus too! no caps on the bottom row!
  2. Replyjff0319
    In response to your Preditions....Blue and black teams will be in the Super bowl. Blue will win. So far so good....Steelers colors are Black & Gold and the Seahawks are Blue!!!
  3. Replytuensom
    As always I love your web site and enjoying reading your blog daily. Sorry to hear you are sick again so soon. I agree with you that people are so inconsiderate when it comes to their germs. You never know when someone with a weakend immune system is out, like my mom she just came down with another bug again and being old each time she catches something I worry about her health. Hope you were able to rest over the weekend. If you are feeling better I would like to know if a deceased person knows the anniversary of their death and does this mean anything to them? The date of my Dad's death is coming up and I was wondering does he know like we know? Thanks and hope you are better.

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