Don’t tell me that ghosts can’t get their message across.

Don’t tell me that ghosts can’t get their message across.  My little Nita has been doing plenty of it since she died.  She told Connie that she would let them know she was okay when she got to the other side and boy, has she?More...

Connie’s youngest daughter, the one I asked you to check out and vote for on her wedding bouquet, was washing her youngest daughter’s dress.  With her mind firmly on that, she was a little—yeah, right—more than a little—taken aback when she heard the dryer door slam open into the washer.  Quick as she could she called Connie and asked what Nanny had said about making herself known.  Connie replied that her mother had said that she would find a way that they would know it was she.  Now, you and I both know that dryer doors don’t open by themselves and more especially don’t when someone is washing a little dress getting it ready to go into the dryer, don’t we?
Last night after the funeral, Connie took some food by to her brother, who still lives in the house he and his mother inhabited.  This morning her brother called and asked if Connie brought anything else by, such as pictures of her and the girls.  She told him no and reiterated that she brought his plate in and kissed him goodbye, then left.  He asked if she went anywhere near his and her mother’s chair.  She reassured him that she didn’t.  That’s when he told her that three pictures had been left in their mother’s chair and he knows they weren’t there when he came in from the funeral. 
Do you have any doubt Nita is trying to tell her loved ones something?
Da Juana