A few days ago the dove setting right outside our door told me to get rid of the two eggs left in the nest.  They were dead or at least one of them was and she wanted them out of the nest.More...

Before you think I’m a dove abortionist please know that the dove left the nest for two cooler nights.  She’d only return to the nest when Claude or I were out there.  We know she wasn’t there at night.  When she returned, she’d look down at the eggs then look at us. 

You see, her nest is in one of our pot plants and is the nest is about three inches deeper than the side.  So, she couldn’t roll the egg out of the nest and onto the ground.  Therefore, she looked to us to help her.  And don’t think she doesn’t know who we are.  When someone new comes around, she leaves the nest and flops on the ground as if she’s been wounded.  Then flies away only to return a little later after we’ve moved the offender into the house.

Let me also note that she has all her babies from last year helping her with the eggs and they all know us.  Once the newbie person, such as James, our friend, has been seen on the back patio for a little while, he or she can then go over and say hello without fear of the dove hitting them in the face on her way out.

Because I really didn’t want to take out the baby eggs from the nest, I waited.  Mother dove became more and more insistent.  When I finally did the job, she immediately came back to the nest and started her new family. 

I did notice that one of the eggs had a crack and it wasn’t one of hatching.

Now, we’ve got a happy mother and more activity.

Da Juana