Dream, dream, dream, no not the song but rather use your dreams …..

Dream, dream, dream, no not the song but rather use your dreams to help you succeed in the manner you’d like in life. After all even the genius, Albert Einstein, dreamed up E=MC squared and then proved it to be correct while awake.

The way to make use of your dreams is to ask a question in which you’d like to know the answer right before going to sleep.

Tell yourself to awaken when the dream is over.

Use a pen and pad which you’ve already placed on your bedside table to remember every dreamy detail. Every detail has some message which you might forget if you don’t memorialize them at the time.

In the morning, after, hopefully, a good night’s sleep, you can awaken refreshed and ready to tackle the answer to your question if it wasn’t given in such a definite manner that you can’t mistake it like Einstein’s was.

It doesn’t take a psychic or a medium to interpret what your dream means. Remember your question and then start to read your dream journal from the night before. Answers will come immediately.

Dreams are very important in giving you extra information on current and future events making up your life. Make good use of them.

Da Juana

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