Dreams are elusive forms of reality check.  If you remember them, then you can take a more intimate look at your life and understand ongoing situations.More... 

Lately, I haven’t been dreaming or at least I don’t remember them.  There’s a trick to remembering them if you want.  It is to tell yourself right as you lay down in bed to wake up immediately after your dream and to remember it.  I’ve done neither lately.  I want the sleep.

My friend, Cathy, had what she perceived to be a horrible dream the other night but when she related it to me and asked me to interpret it, it really wasn’t bad at all.  Sometimes it just seems that way when you’re in the middle of your dream.  Actually hers was very good even when she was going through heck in the dream.

Some dreams are extended and look to be very complicated when they really only have a very simple message to deliver.  Dreams mimic our lives in their meanings.  When you dream, think about what’s going on in your life at the time.  As a psychic, I don’t have the opportunity of knowing what most who contact me are doing in their lives without my psychic ability.  But when I explain what I see in their dream and how it correlates to their live, then they get it.

Dreams can be a vacation.  Maybe that’s why I’m not remembering them.  I’m gone.

Da Juana

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    I dreamt last night about my late sister, which was my favorite one out of five girls and four boys. I just remember seeing her face strawberry blond short here and green eyes however I can't think for the life of me why I dreamt of her. Since I have studied psychology I have been trying to pay attention more to alot of things that happen throughout a day or within a weeks time. One thing that really floored me is that when I was talking to my ex-husband about his ex-sister-in-law's death in June he reviled to me that he dreamt about me the night before I called, however he did not give any details of the dream.I have to tell you though before I called him I was getting strange vibes pertaining to is wife's death. I seem to have known that she died on the 12th of April of this year which was the same day my mother died in 2006. Now my husband indicates that he would like to get together with me when he comes this way for a wedding. I have always felt that when or if the people all die that caused the trouble then things would work out for us. Well all have die except for two. If this all makes sense please feel free to advise me or warn me as I think my ex may want to rekindle, however I have never married again since we divorced 24 years ago. Thanks in advance for your help here in this matter. My Email Address is Sputnik7478@hctc.net

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