Dreams are used to study the psyche, to relieve stress because you’re in REM sleep and as a precognitive tool. All are important but the waking dream is of major importance as well.

With waking dreams you can imagine what you want to accomplish in life and create the steps in which to do so. Without dreams there is nothing to work towards. Once you’ve defined your goals, then you can use Thought and Emotion to manifest what you’d like. But without those dreams nothing matters.

So, my question to you is, are you dreaming and is it big enough.

I hear others mention that they don’t want much just a small home with a place to enjoy and if that’s truly what you want then good for you when you realize your goals. Most want more but are afraid to ask. If you’re a Biblical scholar then you know that the Bible tells you that you can have anything you wish as long as you think about it from the heart and speak the word kind of like thought and emotion manifests.

My desire for you is that you dream the dream that will make you happy over your lifetime and that you put it into force over this next year. If you’ll look back you are what you created about five to ten years ago.

Make this your best year ever! Live your waking dreams.

Da Juana

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