The last few nights I’ve had dreams but I haven’t slept well even though I know you have to go into REM sleep to dream.  Each time I’ve awakened I’ve thought that I needed to remember the dream because it had to do with something happening in my life right now.  And I wanted to remember so that I could discuss it with Claude but…….

Maybe you know that I interpret dreams or maybe you don’t but I do especially when I can remember them.  The problem being is that these dreams didn’t really feel as if they needed interpretation.  It was as if I was living them just like an out of body experience and I really wanted to remember it. 

People I didn’t know were there as well as some I did.  We were having meetings.  And that is as much as I can remember.  It’s frustrating as you know what, not to mention that I don’t feel particularly rested.  When the puppies wake me I still want some sleep.  The dreams tend to be interrupted and then start where they left off all over again.   

Tonight, maybe, I’ll tell myself to remember the dream so that tomorrow I can interpret it.  You know that dreams mirror your life and that interpreting them, or shall I say asking the other side to do it for me, helps so that you can understand what’s going on in your psyche.

If you’ve had a particularly eventful dream, tell us about it.  Maybe I can at least help you.

Da Juana