We all know how drugs affect us.  Some cure, some help with allergies etc. and some help cover pain.  Those covering pain are either helpful or used as medication or they’re used recreationally.  The problem comes when drugs are both even though the person using them doesn’t want to become addicted.  But pain drives you to do some extra-ordinary things.  More...

We hear about drugs every day either of some family member or friend being addicted or when we tune into our favorite television program.  Hardly a commercial goes by without some medication laden with scary contraindications comes on.  Watching television commercials tells us whose really making money these days.  I’m surprised Exxon doesn’t advertise more.  But pharmaceuticals really keep television going. 

While I’m talking about it, I’m sure you’ve noticed the price of food lately.  I try to buy as much organic as I can.  You’d think that produce without the use of pesticides and growing in the old style would cost less but you’d be wrong.  Even Wal-Mart is getting smart and advertising going green.  Global warming and going green is the new ad words for the day but I’m really glad they are.  We need to care for our earth and we need to eat better.  Wish we had more organic growers.  The bigger companies are beginning to notice how people are about organic and they think it’s more prosperous too. 

It’s funny how television oozes into your life and assumes a position that’s hard to match.  Most can’t do without it.  Media can change your mind.  What better place to advertise?

Da Juana