Due to memories of dogs…

Looking back on my life I can remember eras and the happenings within that time frame due to memories of dogs who’ve been part of my family as my pet child.

One of my first memories is of riding my big red dog until he tired and would then walk under my house, which was built on piers, where it was cool and free of small children. He was also the one who was scared to death of snakes until he killed one moving frighteningly close to me. Afterwards he was the snake hunter, and not in a good manner.

Then there was my little spotted dog who was a friend of my second big red one, oddly enough with the same name as the first. Where one went the other did. I can remember crying into their fur when my parents got divorced.

Next came my beautiful little, spotted rat terrier who caused me all types of concern when the guy I was in love with in the sixth grade told me he’d been run over that morning. Fear kept me stressed all day long until I was able to ride the bus home and found him where my father had laid him waiting for me to come home. My dad didn’t believe in vets. So my baby fought to stay alive and did. It took him some time but he came back with a vengeance and saw me through my first teen years.

At sixteen, my first baby girl came to live with us and stayed with me until I was thirty-two. She was beautiful, poised and fearless when it came to protecting mother, all eleven pounds of her. This amazing little girl, who fled up trees in pursuit of squirrels but then had to be gotten down when she realized she was about twelve feet in the air, saw me through a first marriage, a gorgeous baby girl and traveled with me when I moved within the state far from where she was born.

After that came my precious Muffin who taught me spiritually and emotionally that we’re all on this planet to learn and she’s persistently taught me with her continued incarnations. And now I have two more to help me learn the value of being a child of God, no matter how you may call his/her name.

Dogs are special. They bring laughter, tears, joy and sadness, all spiritual lessons it’s been my pleasure to learn while in the presence of some of the most evolved souls I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

If you’re not a dog lover, then you’re missing one of life’s finest pleasures. If you have a dog and you know it’s worth then you’re one of those great people who’ve gotten to watch as your family pet taught you some of the joys of life.

Da Juana

P. S. To learn more about my animals and how they’ve impacted my life, you may want to visit www.ghoststalk.com.