Earth’s orbit and its affect on people was a topic written about by me a while back.  The email below was sent in conjunction with that.  Notice I used an astrological term and made a pun.  Did good, didn’t I because it fit so well?  Anyway, can’t pat myself too long, Rachel wrote and asked about something I’d like to address.  So if you don’t mind, I will.  Her email is below. More...

“That’s very interesting to hear your feelings about our earth, Da Juana. Just this morning I was watching the History Channel about ancient oracles and their predictions for our planet. I won’t waste time talking about the oracles, but the show discussed how modern Astronomers talk about a unique astronomical event occurring in December 2012 which might cause the earth’s poles to move in a very short time. (There was also talk of earth/sun alignment and a black hole, but we’ve heard about that stuff before.) It is reported that this pole move could cause some substantial natural activity such as earthquakes, etc.  Of course, they presented it in a doomsday way to optimize a dramatic, entertaining effect…
I am curious if your feelings about the earth’s changes corroborate the galactical predictions of the astronomers.
On a completely different note, I had the pleasure of getting a reading from you via telephone in early July. Less than a month later, several of your predictions have already come to fruition. You were a delight to speak with, and I hope to enjoy another reading in the future.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift and knowledge with the world.
Yours truly,

Thanks Rachel for putting another monumental change into my mind.  Being the psychic I am, I live in the now but when someone asks me a question or when I become curious, answers arrive.  And they did for the question you posed too. 

The doomsday affect they’re talking about, I don’t see but I do see changes.  And yes, the poles will change some day but not necessarily then.  We will see more and more violent items on and within our earth such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  But as far as a worldwide catastrophic event such as the poles changing, I don’t see it. 

When the poles do change, our world map will differ greatly from what it is now.  Tectonic plates will move as they have always done.  In doing so, our United States will be more rectangular from east to west and we’ll have some larger islands off our coasts.  Mexico won’t look the same at all but will still have part of Mexico City for sure.  That’s about all I’ve looked at for now.  But please listen again when I say that I don’t see our world making abrupt changes now. 

The 2012 astrological event will mark a time that mankind returns to another mindset, one that their spirit has realized all along but one that humankind chooses to forget when the spirit takes on the human body. 

Yes, earthquakes and other earthly catastrophes are things we’d rather not see nor think about but….they’re part of our changing earth, just as we are. 

What I’m trying to say is this:  Live each day to its fullest and don’t worry about tomorrow.  Can you believe a psychic who tells the future just said that?

Hope I’ve answered your question.

Da Juana