Our own planet earth is something that struck me quite a blow the other day.  I’ve told you how, when talking with others, psychic impressions come to me.  You also know how uncomfortable that can be for those I’m talking with and me too.  Learning comes to me through my psychic insights though, like the time I told a man that he had a business that included yellow smoke to get the insects out of the insects.  Any bee man knows what I’m talking about.  I didn’t at the time I was telling the man and didn’t even know he was a bee man.  When I heard the words coming from my mouth I wondered about the information and myself.  But the other side talks and I try to listen and speak their words.More...

Anyway, this time the chat was about our beautiful planet.  While talking with my husband, Claude, as I have occasion to do, I mentioned, without a thought, might I say, that the earth’s orbit was moving by a silly millimeter away from the sun.  I wasn’t talking about our annual transit around the sun.  I was talking about us moving away from the sun with our whole orbit. 

Now, I don’t know about you but……I like the idea of our planet doing the same old, same old, if you know what I mean.  Fatalistic, catastrophic events are something I don’t generally adhere to but…..the sun is getting farther from us?  That was one that got the old juices flowing. 

My patient other worldly other side told me not to worry though.  It won’t cause us major problems other than an occasional incident.  Excuse me!  This is my terra firma you’re talking about. 

Up until then I only felt the earth doing what it generally does and…….I felt safe with the thought.

Da Juana