Taking the Internet and your email for granted is something I think all of us do, that is, until you lose it.  That’s what happened to Claude and I for the past three or four days, but who’s counting?More...

So you see, I’ve really missed writing my blog and getting to hear from you.  And I’m not taking email or the Internet for granted any more.  When you work on your computer, ie…making appointments, writing…all the little things that I didn’t know I was missing when I didn’t have a computer, how many years ago?

Today, after finally getting our connection back, I had to catch up.  Even though I had lots of company in this outage that really didn’t help.  It’s like having your only car at the repair shop.  You figure out all the places you need to go.  It’s that comfort zone. 

They say that computers have made life easier for us.  Really!  I think they just made gave us one more thing to miss.

Happy Memories

Da Juana