Empathy is very serious when it comes in psychic clothes.

Empathy is very serious when it comes in psychic clothes. Being an Empath is part of my makeup and part of the way in which I do readings. Right now I’m feeling pretty depressed and that’s not like me.

Issues with people I love are leaving me open to all kinds of thoughts and feelings which is what an Empath does. From illness to depression and general negativity I’ve been bombarded. So much so that I thought it was me.

Of course I’ve had a little stress going on with my new website having issues and trying to get that fixed along with a few other small things but this has been ridiculous.

Lately I’ve thought it was in the stars but my stars say I should be having a wonderful time. What happened has been a question for the past few days? Then I start hearing from those I love and start putting the pieces together.

Overwhelming desire to contact those that I’ve just conversed with and thought I’d already checked leads to my finding that I had reason to be concerned. Circumstances are making me feel crazy. Lord I’ll bet you thought you’d never hear me say that. But now I’m getting a handle on it and realize what’s causing the confusion and know that I’ll get better once I pray for all of us and let this go.

Let me mention one more time. I love being a psychic and a medium. I really do! Does that sound convincing?

Send some thoughts my way. Good thoughts okay. That’s what I need. And I’ll send some back to you.

Da Juana

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