Even as ghosts, men are the pushiest, I think.

Well, it’s my month for telling ghost stories or rather ghost facts because I had another one that stood out from the rest who wants me to tell you about him. Even as ghosts, men are the pushiest, I think.

While one the phone, (seems as if I’m always there) a man in a red T-shirt showed up and moved around so that I’d notice him. And I did. Couldn’t help it. Maybe he was a Leo at one time because he really wants me to tell you about him (not the drama queen Leo’s generally are but just insistent that I tell you about him). So, I am.

This man is six-foot-tall or right under it with wide shoulders, big arms and a very firm body, not the muscle-building type but rather a man who is used to hard physical work. He doesn’t have a six-pack but instead a very firm round stomach. Perhaps his name starts with a “G” or “H” and he has the most amazing eyes, could be the eyelashes. And I almost forgot; a beautiful bald head with a thick neck but not grossly large. He’s about thirty-five to forty-five (can’t do real well with age because I still think I’m twenty something).

When alive to the physical, he had a drier sense of humor but a ready smile when it was worth it. He loved someone with an “A” name with all his heart, (that might have been his death….his heart not her) and rolled with the punches. As a matter of fact, that’s what killed him. His voice was around the medium scale going towards a tad lower but not like Barry White. Though he worked physically, he didn’t look too brown but he did look healthy except for the weight, almost like a football player (linebacker).

Now you know about the big man who visited me the other morning. Hope you know him.

Oh, and by the way, he only wants to say “Hi,” and that he loves you too much.

Da Juana

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