Even when….

Even when I think I’m alone, I am not. That’s why I tell potential mediums, who tell me they want to learn to how to communicate, that they will soon realize they are never alone. Some people like to be alone. Some don’t. I have always had ghosts with me so I have never really been alone although sometimes I may feel as if I am. They are always there. Just in case I need something or just in case I meet someone they love and they want them to know. For me, this is one of the reasons I am here on earth this time.

Another is to teach others how to use their psychic ability. With that teaching, I want them to know that there is no hokey-pokey related to it and you don’t have to use rituals to achieve it. If we did, I would be in one heck of a mess. Using your ability is as easy as breathing. It’s a whisper. So listen when you think you hear someone talking. They very well may be.

Da Juana