Well last weekend we had ice. This weekend we were cold and wet and today we have sun and it is supposed to be warmer. I like having changing seasons which we really haven’t had last year until now. From spring to summer, then fall and winter, I like seeing new growth and watching leaves change, feeling a nip in the air and the heat of summer.

Some years ago, I worked in Hawaii and loved it too, even though the weather stays almost the same year round. Believe I could live there too even with their consistent weather as long as I got to hear the waves roll in. Other than the wind, waves are some of my most beautiful sounds. When I was there, I left the windows open and slept better than I have in years. Instead of sightseeing, of which we did a little, we stayed in our room and listened to the waves. That was one of my most calming trips ever. Didn’t even feel that calm in Casa de Campo even with the waves. Of course, guards with machetes and machine guns patroling your home didn’t make the stay very calm. But that was a lovely part of the island.

It seems I am good with icy conditions. In Yellowstone, right at the close of the season, I locked Claude and myself out of our motor home late in the evening. If it hadn’t been for a nice man who watched me do it, we might still be in Yellowstone, frozen in some stage of arguing. My husband argued that I should have known better since I am a psychic and since the motor was running. My argument, I didn’t really have one. Except to say that we have all had days like that. He did it once too.

Claude and I have seen a good many things in our lifetime and have come to love some other parts of the world besides Texas and our extreme weather.

Da Juana