Family ghosts supposedly meet future physical family generations without knowing them.

Family ghosts supposedly meet future physical family generations without knowing them. Let me tell you as a psychic and a medium I know this is untrue….not the part about them meeting future generations later but the part about those spirits not knowing their descendants .

Here’s a story related to me because I was a part of the scene that proves my point. Not only do they know their future progeny but their offspring remember them although they may have never met in this life.

Everything is spiritual and there is nothing that’s not. Therefore we all know each other. That’s why you get those feelings of déjà vu with someone you’ve never met before and how you know when to beware.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the story. While speaking with someone by phone the other day who has a child who is very much a medium I heard the baby say, “Hi guys.”

Then the child enlightened us in a playful, gleeful voice by exclaiming, “He just called me by my name (ghost actually said his name but to keep the innocent—you know) and said ‘What’s up my man?’”

Without missing a beat this very intelligent mother seeing that no one was in the house but her and her son told her son to tell his playmates to go home. She said for him to say that he’s busy which he did immediately.

That’s when the mother started to panic. She called me by name three times with alarm in her voice and said, “He’s closing his eyes, putting his head up and kissing someone.” This child is normally wary of others.

Understanding her alarm I told her quickly that she’d just run two dear family members out of the house using her son to do so. Plus I thanked her for allowing her son the ability to see and remember who he is, a great medium. Not all parents are comfortable enough to allow it but there are some children who will remember their psychic roots forever just as I have. And there are those family ghosts who will return again and again to just let family know they love them.

Da Juana

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