Family is a group of people who come together for some of the best spiritual lessons to be learned.

Family is a group of people who come together for some of the best spiritual lessons to be learned. Though you may not believe it, you choose to come to earth with those people you sometimes love to hate. As you well know family can be hard to live with at times and wonderful when needed.

On the other side you and the family you’re participating in put together challenges to make your spirit evolve. That’s why you may see those on this side who have definite definable problems such as drug related issues, sexual, hatred or other equally discerned concerns. Those challenges don’t necessarily mean that you have a predestined manner in which to work them out but rather that you have choices in the matter.

For instance a child molester of young family members has the responsibility of those babies and choice in whatever instance they’re using their power. We all know that they shouldn’t abuse their young charges and we look at it and the molester in disgust which helps others see the error in that person’s ways.

At the time the child may be powerless but later it’s his or her choice in how they survive the situation. Do they become introverted and scared of life allowing others to rule their lives or do they take on life and refrain from giving away their power (life’s energy) to the molester forever?

Something I say to others is that blood may be thicker than water but most are not lucky enough to consider making family their friends. More often than not you wouldn’t choose a family member if you’re looking to make a good friend. Instead you’d select someone more in the line of what you need. Make no bones about it though you did pick your family from the other side before you came to this life.

When my daughter was little I mentioned to her on more than one occasion when she used the “hate you” words that she could dislike me but she couldn’t hate me because she chose me to be family. Thankfully I’m one of the lucky ones. She is one of my best friends.

Da Juana

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