Family reunions….

Talk about family reunions.  My double “B” of a friend, Sandra, is going to, get this, Paris tomorrow.  Not only that but she’s meeting her two daughters there.  On top of that they will be staying for two whole, wonderful, sightseeing weeks. More... 

See now why I said she’s a double “B” and that’s not her bra size either. 

One of her daughters is a star in the television series, “The Unit,” which I love.  The other is a dancer with Justin Timberlake’s tour, which just happens to be in, you guessed it, Paris.  Oh for the simple life of travel and excitement. 

Is she rubbing it in?  Of course she is in her subtle, classy way.  Am I jealous that she’s going to PARIS with her two lovely daughters, seeing, did I say Paris, and spending time with her two lovely daughters, eating Parisian food, drinking Parisian wine, climbing the Eiffel Tower.  No, of course I’m not jealous.

Will you please join me in a prayer that she has a wonderful trip both on the plane and on the ground and that we can all live vicariously through her?


Da Juana