Fear of the unknown

My husband, Claude, asked me, “How can I conquer the fear of the unknown?” He was speaking in regards to selling our home because he can’t see very well and he was wondering how he will get around a new house and neighborhood when we sell our house.


But when he asked that question, I got to thinking. Again. And you know how I am about that. People everywhere go to psychics to face the future or other unknown aspects of their lives. Others come to me or call me to learn about psychic aspects but also to get in touch with loved ones who have gone on or people they consider guides, who generally turn out to be a loved one. Sometimes though, those loved ones might have been relatives in another life. That can get a little sticky especially when your father in another life is a husband now. Lives are the great recycling act God perpetrated on man. More detail is given on these reincarnations in my book, “Ghosts Talk.” If you look at the world and the way it recycles everything, then you get the gist of what God has in mind for you too. Nothing and I mean nothing is every wasted.


To bring up another point Claude made though is that even though he lives with a psychic/medium, sometimes he just doesn’t want to know. And it’s very hard living with a woman who has special senses and doesn’t have a poker face when it comes to them. Many times he has saved me when he saw the look. You women know what I mean.


Yesterday, I told someone that I am learning a very valuable lesson sort of like Jonah sitting under the tree at Nineveh. When it doesn’t happen to you, you can’t really be as sympathetic as you think you are. When it hits home, you learn to become even more compassionate. Oh, it wasn’t that I didn’t understand others’ agony. I’m a good psychic and feel what they feel but it’s different when you live it. I could sit in my safe chair and responsibly tell people that something horrible was going to happen. And because of the way I do my psychic readings, I’d soon forget what I relayed to the person sitting opposite of me because I pray to do so because sometimes it is just too hard not too. But when it hits home, you can’t forget and I think it makes a better person and psychic of you. More empathetic. Really thought that I had enough of that in my life so that I am better at understanding but undoubtedly I needed more and have the teachers in my own home.


I remember once when I was doing a TV news interview, was out of town on this one, and the anchor came out to meet me before we went to do the interview. We only had an actual minute before air. And what did I do, immediately I told her about an illness she had and to see the doctor. She started crying right there, messing up her makeup and we are about to go to air. I was so upset for her but the illness wasn’t mine so I couldn’t really feel what she was feeling. And I didn’t mean to be unfeeling. The words just popped out of my mouth. Then we are both standing there, with her crying and me thinking I was bad for having told her then. The other part of this is that although I’m an empath, it was her with the illness. And sometimes, like Claude said, you just don’t want to know.


Just thinking.


Da Juana