Finally I made it back to the land of the living after living with the inhospitable Cruise Ship Virus….

Finally I made it back to the land of the living after living with the inhospitable Cruise Ship Virus for the last thirteen days. And let me mention, you don’t want that visitor in your house.

About five days in I began to wonder if this medium was going to get to see some of her dead loved ones seriously quickly because the rash I get when I’m sick, stressed and sometimes frustrated by it all came on like a, can’t think of the right word to use here. But that rash would recur about midnight to one each morning waking me up to some stern itching in parts I’d rather not list but you get the general idea and it would make my breathing a little harder or so I thought.

So you can see how I might have thought this was the one carrying me home to see dead loved ones. Then this dream came.

I was in a very well lighted house with white shingles in an industrial town. And, no, it’s not my home now. As I looked out of one of the many windows to the outside I could see a busy street and knew it was still day time even though all the lights were on in the house. About that time I saw four little dogs come by rolling and tumbling at my feet but giving me not one look or even mindful that I was there.

Looking down at them I saw Madeline, my dead shoulder puppy, come ambling into view at my feet as well but she totally ignored me too. All of them were walking toward the front door where my dead ex was and he opened the door to let them all out which drove me over the wall because although I knew they were dead I didn’t want anything to happen to them on that street. In my dream I’d talked with myself stating how each was dead but that Gabrielle wasn’t there because she was alive. So I sounded like a banshee to him to which he totally overlooked too.

Frustration mounted as I ran out the front door to try and find Madeline, went down the hill to the street and didn’t see her anywhere. As I started this my ex’s sister came to the door and started trying to open it causing considerable damage. I pointed out to her that he wasn’t in the house but over there. She looked at me as if I’d lost it and then was nowhere to be seen. She was alive.

After chasing Madeline down the street I decided to climb the hill at the front of the house beside my ex to see if she’d circled around. And she had along with the four other dogs. Trouble was though I called and called none acknowledged me.

When I awakened I knew I’d stayed in the land of the living but I hadn’t yet interpreted the dream. Now I have. Bet you can guess. Had any of them acknowledged, especially Madeline, my presence I’d probably joined them that night.

It’s funny how dreams are representative of your present circumstances.

Da Juana

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