For a medium and a psychic such as me

For a medium and a psychic such as me, seeing my dead father once in a while is great but I wish I could pick up the phone and call him just as I did not too long ago.

Over the years I’ve heard from many people that it must be great being able to communicate with the dead as I do. And, it is. I’m more than grateful for the ability. The same people who think it’s a great thing for me to be able to communicate with the dead generally tell me right after mentioning my gift that they don’t want me to tell them anything bad because they know I’m privy to that too.

Imagine knowing when someone you love is going to die. Then imagine that you can’t mention it to a soul for two reasons. The first is that you may be wrong and what would that do to the person you told? The second, and more important than even caring how you’re perceived, is because you want your loved one to enjoy their life without fear until their very last moment in human form.

Being a medium like me comes with a price. People want to get close but they are also fearful of someone like me. So ghosts tend to be the ones I associate with the most. Ghosts don’t give me grief about fear as humans do. And I enjoy the company of all the spirits of the dead who call although I may not even learn their names when they visit. On the other hand, it means I’m never alone. Please don’t think I’m gripping about never being alone because I’m not. I appreciate my gift. It’s like breathing to me. Without it I couldn’t exist nor would I want to. And they make good alarm systems.

Last night my house was full of ghost animals, human and otherwise. Even my brother came to visit. As thankful as I am for the otherworldly stopovers I miss those from my family’s human side. My father who was always self-sufficient rarely comes to see me. He’s fishing. But even if he came to see me a hundred times a day, his ghost might not be enough. See why I tell you to give all the love you can while your loved ones are on earth.

Da Juana