For someone who hates the cold,

For someone who hates the cold, I truly love it when it turns cold.  That’s when I want to go places, see things and visit friends.  A toasty fire is right up my alley.  Did I mention that I love to snow ski too but I want anything that can be covered, covered? More... 

Tonight I’m watching sleet and little tiny snow flakes being blown around by our Texas wind.  It’s supposed to get really cold tonight and I think that’s already happened because it feels like fifteen degrees out there or maybe zero for someone who dislikes the cold.

I’m the kind that backs up to a fireplace and raises whatever item of clothing I’m wearing to get a little closer to the fire.  Madeline, my puppy, loves a good fireplace too even if she’s hot.  There’s nothing like a good fire, popping and casting shadows on a cold night.  Hot chocolate makes the mood even better.  Wine puts me to sleep.

Lately, I’ve noticed more of Claude’s friendly ghosts.  Like last night, Madeline and I both noticed the portly man who stood close to us for a while and learned from Claude today that it was his ex-father-in-law.  He must have been cold. 

I’ve caught her checking out a few ghosts lately.  Madeline’s gotten used to most of them unless it’s her sister.  Then she really stares and makes sure she doesn’t sit on her or invade her space.  It’s apparent that her heart is wishing Mysti were still alive so that she could chase her and sometimes come unglued on her like she used to.  The other night Mysti came to bed with us one more time.  Madeline was very careful around her.  I’m missing Mysti physically so much.  Madeline mourns that too. 

Earlier I asked Claude if he heard the sleet hitting the windows.  He didn’t.  It was hitting pretty hard or at least I thought it was.  Maybe, like the ghosts, I have an extra sensory thing going on when it’s cold and can discern when the snow is coming.  Bet we see more ghosts tonight coming in from the cold.

Da Juana