For those who love dogs as much as my daughter….

For those who love dogs as much as my daughter, her family and I do here is something you might want to look out for. She lost her white, Maltese baby on New Year’s Day from something she had no idea was growing inside her loving, friendly, always good to everyone including the younger dog who, excuse me, dogged the heck out of her.

This baby was one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever met. She followed my daughter everywhere she went and would park herself in the most uncomfortable positions in order to be close to my baby. Too many times, but now not enough, while working in the kitchen, I had to move around this sweetheart of a baby who’s head was propped upon the cabinets and her body curled around in a tight little ball.

She wasn’t a little girl except in our eyes because from the very beginning she looked to be a heavy eater although we didn’t see her eat that much. Her weight came on quickly and stayed. Even her vet said that she was perfect for her size which should have been around the same as my baby, five pounds, but she weighed much more.

About four months before her death the vet had pronounced her healthy and vigorous except for a minor limp. Now we probably know why she had the limp.

On New Year’s Day she lost all that weight when the tumor on her spleen burst causing her to bleed out internally. My daughter picked her up and for the first time in her beautiful friends life felt her ribs. She said that her dog looked up to her and let her know that she knew it was over. After being rushed to the vet she was told that there was no way one could know this was growing inside her baby. Her dog died within minutes.

So, if you have noticed that your baby dog might have some of the same issues, I implore you to check a little further. My thoughts, which I shared with my daughter at one time, were that it was her heart that would kill her and was causing the back to hurt. Now I’ve learned what it really was that I saw.

Da Juana

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