There are friends in my life who have become closer than some of my family.  That statement is probably true for you too.  Sometimes it’s easier to talk with a friend over family and those friends will surely be there when you need help.More... 
One such friend is someone I met many years ago, while I worked at my first radio show. 
He came to psychic fairs where I worked and became a fixture of sorts.  After a while, Claude asked him to run to our home and get something since Claude couldn’t go.  When I found out that he had done that, I read him the riot act, to which my husband replied that he was a good judge of character even if he didn’t have my psychic ability.  And you know what?  He was right.
That friend is the one I called when my husband had the stroke three years ago along with my friend, Connie.  He was the one who sat up with me those long nights and made sure my puppies were taken care of like they would have been had I been able to be home with them.  He’s the one who handed me a pair of my husband’s red pajamas, with the word hot stuff running vertically down the leg after I got so sick from diarrhea and vomiting that I had to wear through the hospital with then nurses getting a nice laugh.  He’s the one that I trusted to stay the rest of the night and be mindful of the medications that nurses had almost overdosed my husband on when they forgot to write down that he had taken them and changed shifts and the new nurses were going dose him again.  He’s the one I call when I need something that I can’t do alone now and he’s the one who acts as if he doesn’t want to be hugged but holds out his arms to me when my husband is lying silently in the hospital bed.  This man is also the one who doesn’t say goodbye when he leaves and refuses to tell me he loves me but I know he does.  My own brothers couldn’t be any closer to me than this man. 
So, I guess I’m writing this tribute to a man that long years ago decided to be my friend.  Over the years he’s always been there for me even though he’s also fussed at me too.  That doesn’t matter.  Friends do that at times.  But this man is exceptional.  His name is David, a good strong name with strong foundations in the front and end “D” and who has a heart as big as Dallas.
Do you have a friend like that?  If you do, tell them you love them today before time gets away.
Da Juana