Friends give and take.  They’re there for you in your time of need and expect or hope that you’ll be there for them as well.  I’m quite fortunate in that I have some wonderful friends.  They’ve been there when family wasn’t.  And hopefully, I’ve returned the favor.

Your friends are people you choose to become your family.  You can’t grouse about any slights because you chose them whether they’re human or otherwise.  So enjoy. 

My husband is my best friend along with my two puppies and my daughter.  Then I have some even more wonderful friend family members, one of whom I went and picked up from the hospital today.  He’ll be recuperating with us after knee surgery.  He’s walking kind of slowly so I guess I shouldn’t push him down the hall.  Real friends don’t do that, or do they?  He’s been with us long enough to become my little brother and I love him like one but you know how brothers and sisters are.  We sometimes do mean things to one another.  But I won’t.  I hope.  At least, not until he’s better.

You know about my friend, Connie, the hussy.  She flew off this morning to be with another friend in need.  Both know the loss of someone they love.  So, she can help her friend with the loss of her husband because Connie knows loss through her mother, a very hard lesson to learn.

There’s lots of need right now in another, very important, friend of mine, the world in which we live.  I can feel it pulling at me so strongly that the resistance I feel is palpable.  Our economy needs a lift and because the American dollar isn’t as strong as it should be, it’ll affect the rest of the world too.  Not only that but we’re polluting the heck out of the place we live.  Even dogs know not to potty where they sleep.  My two girls certainly do.  Our world community needs to become real friends.  Friends help one another.  Real friendship needs to happen.  Do you think we’re capable?

Da Juana