A person rich in friends is a person who has it made.  Friends can’t be found everywhere.  Acquaintances can be but friends can’t.  Friends can pat you on the back in solace or with enthusiasm for a job well done.  They can tell you that you’re wrong and they can watch your back even though they suspect you might be wrong but they don’t want anyone else calling you on it.  Friends are the best commodities a person can have even though they can’t be traded.  More...

While Claude was in the hospital for both surgeries, his friends from boyhood on were lined up to find out if he was going to be okay.  They didn’t wait for me to call each of them after his surgery.  And though they weren’t there because we wanted to be alone, once I’d called one it sounded through the friendship grapevine and they started calling us to sympathize and empathize. 

It made me think.  You know how I am about that.  Thinking is the greatest gift God gave to man/woman and the next greatest is friendship.

Da Juana

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