Friends are people who will say almost anything to you without fear of being hurtful or mean.  Generally your friend will announce, though, that they’re not trying to be mean but rather helpful.  For your own good.  You know what I mean.  We’ve all started something negative we were about to say with that phrase, haven’t we?More...

Connie always starts her derogatory statements about me that way.  Then I know she’s about to let me have it.  Sandra just makes sense.  And Cathy starts to talk a little louder, just to get her point across.  Whether I agree with them or not is another thing.  But we all love one another and take into consideration what the other thinks. 

We’re the kind of friends that can say, “I don’t like that dress.  It makes you look fat.”  Most women can’t talk that way to a friend but we do.  We love one another and want the best for each other. 

Which leads me to something else, my blog.  The other day my friend, James, called.  By the way, if you’re close and ever need a therapeutic massage, let me know and I’ll get you to him.  He’s the best therapist I’ve ever had.  He said this, “I logged on to get news and noticed that it hasn’t been updated since the twenty-fifth.”  Then he got quiet. 

It took a moment for me to realize he was speaking of my blog, my work or passion, however you want to look at it.  I went into a dissertation of all the things I’d had to do lately like go to the hospital with a friend, David, take him and pick him up after surgery so that he could stay with Claude and I to recuperate.  Building web sites came next, then my work on all the other things my life requires plus housework and coming quickly yard work.  Then I hushed.  The time I was explaining I could have written the blog.

You know what.  I know James loves me just like my women friends and he’s as blunt as I am.  And that’s the way I like it. 

So, here’s a blog.

Da Juana