Friends and family hearing me make predictions

You’ve heard me mention before about having friends and family hearing me make predictions and the impact it has on all lives involved.

Early yesterday, while with my friend, Richard, I remarked, after another little noise made my heart pound and me jump out of my skin, that there must be going to be another explosion that would happen quickly because I was jumping at every sound and had been since before the Boston marathon.

The news was on and the news desk was also speaking about the Mississippi senator who’d been sent a poisonous letter to which I responded. (I’m always speaking to the television and “Yes,” I do know that it won’t talk back to me personally. At least not yet, anyway.) “Hope they don’t try to kill our president.”  So before you read me the riot act on who’s in the White House it’s because I hold that office sacred but it truly isn’t anyone’s right to know for whom I vote. I don’t care about politics or who’s there but I do care about the health of our leading official.

Well, after a hard day, he turned in early and told me to call him before I went to bed which I did but I didn’t tell him that about seven or seven-thirty that evening I quit jumping to every little sound. That’s generally a dead give-away that this psychic and medium is about to find out what she’s jumpy for. And I did. But I didn’t tell him when I woke him later to say good night just said a quiet good night. He needed his sleep.

This morning he found out about the West, Texas explosion and also heard about the letter sent to our president. Now here’s where people who are my friends and family change around me just a tad (Texas word). He still sees me as the same person but there’s a little more “awe.” Every word I say for a little while will be monitored closely to see if I’m making another prediction for the world or someone we love.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining though it might sound like I am. I’m just stating a fact. I love being what I am. But for a little while one might forget that they’re dating a psychic or might suggest that no one knows the future while sitting with me until I do something like this. Then, I’m different. For a little while I’m just another person although we all have psychic talents. Not all of us use them to the best of their abilities though. As long as I’m silent about my knowledge we’ll pretend I’m just another human being until I vocalize my thoughts again and they come true. Then I’ll hear and feel that little sense of “she is different” but he’ll cover it with some joke to make me laugh and relieve some of the tension as he always does.

Da Juana

P. S. Oh, and thank you Gail for sending me your thoughts today and reminding me that I’d made this prediction before the first of the year which you may read here