Friends are family too!

Friends are family too!

In this holiday season it’s good to remember family including those whom you’ve created as family by considering them as great friends.

Most often family can see your faults easily but your friends will overlook them. When family dwells on those faults, friends see them as part of your intriguing personality and find you compellingly fascinating. And friends overlook items and events that need ignoring.

The only thing better than creating a friend who becomes family is having a family member who becomes your best friend. That happens to be my lot in life.
Though I have many acquaintances, I have only a handful or two that are truly my friends and yet I’ve been very fortunate in realizing the true friendship of my daughter.

Age doesn’t set us apart but, instead, creates many laughs, something that’s truly needed in friendship. Often times family can’t laugh at some minor indiscretion but friends can. And as the old adage reminds, “friends will help you hide the body.” And, they’ll do more; they’ll forget whatever happened, something family can’t.

Yeah, at this time of year you should take inventory and be grateful for those in your life you can consider friends. After all they are the true riches in your life.

Happy Holidays,

Da Juana