Friends are like flowers…

Friends are like flowers in the middle of the desert.  When you see them, they make you smile and give you a sense of wonder.  Most have at least one or two friends.  I don’t mean acquaintances.  I mean friends.  You know, those people you go to when you need someone to tell you “you ain’t quite right” when you’re about to make a bottom of yourself or who can make you laugh when you have what you think are insurmountable problems.   Now, you’re conjuring up the two or three people that might make that grade.

Well, I’m lucky enough to have a few of those type friends, one of which is a very smart, professional lady who has one of the best jobs anyone could ever long for.  Her voice is like music to the ear and she is one of the best-organized people I’ve ever seen.  Must not have any Libra in her.  But this one little thing she does drives me up the wall.  And because I’m her friend I told her that in that one little thing, she ain’t quite right.  Wouldn’t you?

She is self-depreciating, and I don’t mean just a little bit.  Anything she starts to say about herself, she turns around and puts herself down.  I’ve mentioned to her that she can’t expect to be loved by others if she doesn’t put out that love for herself but she still, habitually puts herself down.  An instance is, “I know I’m not smart but…..”, and then she uses verbiage Einstein would think over his head to describe how illiterate she is.   

I finally told her the other day that I want to shake her for that.  So if you’re doing this to people who love you, Stop.

Have a nice day.

Da Juana