Many times I have said just how rich you are when you have good friends. Acquaintances may number in the hundreds or even more but good friends are something to be proud of. With that manner of thinking, I must be one of the richest people on earth. I am married to my best friend, have a daughter that is a best friend, have two wonderful puppy best friends and about three others live people I can call best friends and then my ghostly best friends as well.  

What is a best friend to me? They are someone who will stand beside you even when you are wrong. After you are alone with them, they will tell you how wrong you were and educate you so that you never find yourself in that position again. A best friend will also tell you what they truly think but they may sugar coat it a little because, after all, do you really want to be so blunt that you hurt the one you love? Most of my live friends are quite aware of hurting feelings and my dead ones are too but they are so matter of fact about what they say. They really don’t think about hurting feelings, especially mine because I usually just take it for what it is. What’s more! I know they have my welfare at heart. 

Best friends may leave your neighborhood, may even leave this life but they never leave your heart. And though you might not see them in a while, you can start up where your last conversation left off without feeling as if you are on a first date. Another thing about best friends is that they listen to you and you can listen to them. As a psychic, I don’t believe in luck. You know that. What I do believe is that we create our own luck but…..I feel very lucky to have the friends I do and will continue to accept friend hitchhikers along life’s highway because that makes life worthwhile.  

Da Juana