Last night, James, a friend of mine reminded me of the time he saw a ghost, or rather saw what happened, when the ghost walked through our house.  In other words, he got a first hand view of what I live with and by extension Claude and our puppies live with each day.More...

I had forgotten about it because that’s what I do.  It’s so commonplace for me that I don’t remember much and it’s not because I’m getting older either.  So don’t go there.

The reason he reminded me of what had happened was because he’d been telling someone who didn’t believe that he’d seen something that made a believer of him.  His story went something like this.  While he was at our house on the ranch, he noticed our dog, Mysti, who was laying down minding her own business, look up at the staircase.  Then she followed the ghost with her eyes across the room as the person walked to the back door.  Because the room was large her eyes followed him for a while.  This got him a little but, with no wind outside or in, the back door opened as if someone threw it open and then closed.

It just so happened that I was standing there too.  When he approached me about it, I just mentioned that it was a ghost who was mentally challenged in life that liked to run down the stairs and out the back door, generally taking a short cut through me if I happened to be standing in his way. 

Aren’t I fun to be around?  Our house is amazing, no matter where we live.

James further mentioned that he had the same feeling of it being a mentally challenged person because of the way the door opened and the look on Mysti.  Or, and this is what I’m thinking, James is psychic too.

After getting confirmation later from the nephew of the people who had once owned the house, I learned that two of the people who liked to frequent their old location were both the boy and his mother.  Let me mention that the nephew almost passed out when I told him how the boy would run down the stairs, go through me and out the door.  He said that was exactly what he’d done while alive.  And a little extra was that I got the description of both is aunt and her son down.  Well, yeah!  I could see them.

That was a nice walk down memory lane and I have James to thank for it. 

On another note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Da Juana