Yet again, I saw something on television where an intelligent person out right said that a ghost doesn’t know he or she is dead.  And that was because, he said, that ghost doesn’t realize he or she is dead; they haunt people because they want them out of their home.More... 

Another item that was mentioned is that ghosts can shove you.  That isn’t something I’ve seen.  Now, they can materialize in front of you but most often don’t.  It’s generally behind you because they want to give you ample opportunity to stay safe.  If they do show themselves in front of you, they have a very good reason and generally give you enough room to maneuver.

Ghosts might touch you occasionally just to get their point across, but again, that’s not often.  And they don’t shove.  If you’re standing at the top of the stairs, see a ghost and lose your footing, that’s not the ghost shoving. 

Now to answer haunting.  Ghosts come to people they know can see them.  Sometimes, they’re just traveling along and realize someone has seen them.  Then they’ll investigate just as you or I would. 

You are a ghost in physical clothing called a body.  You’re capable of making intelligent and sometimes not so intelligent decisions.  It’s the same way on the other side with the exception that they usually can make a better decision. 

You’ve heard me say when speaking of ghosts that “Birds of a feather flock together.”  “As above so below.”  If you’re on drugs and unhappy, you might bring in a ghost who loves drugs and being unhappy.  For a moment that ghost lives vicariously through the still physical person who is doing drugs and unhappy.  They, as you, don’t always make the best decisions but they don’t generally go looking for people who don’t do drugs and are unhappy.  There’s no reward there for them.  We all live for some type reward. 

I hope I’ve made myself clear on this issue because you know I’ve mentioned how I’ve seen and communicated with ghosts all my life.  There have been times I’ve had to get my hands dirty by working murders but that residue doesn’t stay with me any longer than it takes to wash my hands.

Ghosts are people too, and animals, and trees, and everything you have on this side and more.  If you want to learn more about ghosts, read my book, Ghosts Talk, here.

Da Juana