Ghost dogs…..

People often ask me about ghosts dogs.  Yesterday, a grieving parent asked me about her ghost dog.  She wanted to know if her dog, which was killed by a neighbor’s dog, had gone to heaven.  This nice lady explained that she had to believe that animals went to heaven too. More...

What can you say to a grieving doggy parent other than the truth?  I told her what I know to be true and that is:  We are all part of God, from the earth below to the heavens above; there is nothing that isn’t a part of God.

With that said, I went on to tell her that I’ve seen dogs, rocks, trees, snakes and anything you have ever seen here on earth, on the other side.  Furthermore, heaven is a state of mind.  It is what you think it’ll be on the other side.  Some think harps and streets of gold while others see it completely differently.  It is whatever you need and desire.  Spirit dictates your heaven.  After all spirit is purely energy and we all know energy never dies.  After stating this, I told her whom I saw both man and dog that came to greet her baby and take him to the other side.  She confirmed it to be her uncle who died in October and one of her other babies. 

Hope I’ve helped others who don’t know whether their doggy babies made it to heaven. 

Da Juana