Ghost gives advice!

This interesting story comes from one of our veterans. I thought I might share and give comments on.

“I had an encounter at the Navy recruiters office before I joined. I was there with my bride to be and talking with the Navy recruiter when a man approached me and asked me to talk with him. He asked me to come over and sit at a table across the room. He said he didn’t know how to tell me this but if I joined the Navy my wife would not be my wife very long and I would be well advised not to join. I figured he was a nut wandering around downtown or a disgruntled vet and just blew him off and told him I would be joining and thanks for his concern. As he left I heard a cowbell on the door and him say I tried. When I went back across the room my fiancé was engaged in a conversation with two of the recruiters. I asked if they saw the guy and all three said no. My fiancé was very beautiful so I thought they were so focused on her that nobody noticed. I went ahead and joined the Navy and she left me on my second 6-month cruise after about 2 years in. I wonder if the man in the recruiters’ office was an angel or a ghost trying to warn me of a bad decision. It seemed he knew I was going to be there at that time and was sent to give me a message. Please if you read this write me back ..Take care…Paul”



Paul, you are one of the lucky ones like me. It seems that you can talk with the other side. It doesn’t really matter whether the person sent to give you a message was a ghost or an angel. Sometimes, they can be both and sometimes they can even be alive as we define it. What matters is, you got to visit with someone who had your best interest at heart. If you will notice, more than once you have smelled odors that weren’t really there. You can make this ability grow. Why not do it?



Da Juana