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Ghost Stories Told by Me

Other ghost stories told by me start with an interview with a news anchor with whom I worked with in an out-of-state interview.

Here’s the ghost story there. I went in to make predictions for a political vote story during prime time. She and I had never met. This lady was so excited and I was glad. She wanted to meet me before we went on air but she was already at work on the anchor desk. At break she came running out to me. She had a minute at the most.

I thought that was so wonderful because most often I meet television people when we were on air. And it was wonderful. Except I wasn’t the best of guests. My mouth opened when she took my hand and gave me a shake telling me who she was.

Instead of hello, I’m Da Juana, out came, “You need to have that breast checked now,” as I looked towards her left breast.

Now, I’m standing there looking at her as tears hit her eyes thinking what did I just say? Then the replay. I always get a replay when I ask but it doesn’t make me feel any less dumb. And of course, if you’re a psychic and medium like me, you want to be right but you don’t want to blurt it out quite like that, not if you care for people.

I looked like something I wasn’t even sure of with a crooked smile that only served to made it look worse. Immediately I told her how sorry I was for saying that in that way. That didn’t really help.

Next came, “My mother died from that and I’m having an issue in that breast now too, I think. My sister just told me to go to the doctor.”

“That makes sense,” I told her by blaming it on the ghost talking with me, her mother. “We don’t have too much time but it’s a woman telling me.”

She ran back to the anchor desk trying to straighten her face a little. We met again in the next few minutes. Obviously, she didn’t get too angry with me. She decided that we would do another interview as well on an offsite story coming up later. I was able to relate more information then.

Where do you meet a ghost?

Just so you don’t have to worry about telling me where you were when you had a ghostly encounter or that it was with a pet or some other animal I’ll give you a question that most asks. Where do you meet a ghost?

The answer is, you can meet a ghost anywhere. And more than that they’re not always human.

It’s not unusual for animals to come to me before I meet their earthly parents. When I bring up having seen their dog or whatever pet it was, people generally know immediately that I see their ghost. That’s because I tell them exactly what their fur baby looked like while alive, how they acted and any little quirk they had.

This happened when I was about to meet a man the next day for some work to be done. My ex and I were in the living room when a big spotted, black and white, longer haired dog walked across the room.

I can’t always tell if they’re dead. First thing, look for your puppies. Make sure they’re safe. Both were smaller than him. So, if he was not dead I had a problem.

Next when you I could almost see the smile on this dog’s face from scaring me, I made sure to look for my two puppies, then logically I made sure the dog’s a ghost.

I did all those things. Plus, then I looked him over and I know you’re not going to believe this but you do believe in ghosts. So…..I spoke with him and he answered me.

I met his earthly father the next day who told me he didn’t believe in what I do and gave me one of those looks like you’ll never convince me otherwise.

My next words were, “I don’t care if you believe me or not. I know what I see and I know who I am.”

Then I told him about the dog I saw the night before. Tears came to his eyes and he said quickly, “You know he was my baby, right.”

“Yes,” I did I replied. Now the man needs to hear more.

Also, ghosts come to me when I’m in the bathtub or doing something completely unrelated to anything you’d consider ghostly such as vacuuming. But being the medium, I am they come when I’m doing readings as well, thank God. It’d be a long ghost reading if they didn’t help.

I’ll give you a for instance but I won’t go into too much detail and I won’t tell you why they came.

Presidential Ghost

One night while I was soaking in my tub and not thinking of anything other than the nice hot water, I heard someone behind me say, “Hey Da Juana, we want you to tell,” and he gave her name, “something.”

I could see him even though he was behind me. The laws of physics don’t apply here yet I don’t think. Not many can see as I did behind me. It was as if I’d turned to look at the two of them while continuing to face my faucet.

Another thing, I was naked in my bathtub alone in my house except for my puppy. That’s invasion of space.

Then he said, “Ronnie and I want to tell her……”

My next works were a very loud “No.”

You wouldn’t think that I’d argue with ghosts, would you? There stands a man that I’d not met but he and I were at the same function with friends asking me to meet him before his death. Now he’s at my house telling me that he, Merv and Ronnie want me to relay a message. And I’m saying a loud “No” because of who the two of them are.

That’s when I got a dressing down from two ghosts but one with a bigger mouth. No offense Merv. I was glad to talk with them. Except for he told me that I was prejudice. Now we were in a confrontation. I know I’m not prejudice.

That’s when he told me I most certainly was because they were very well known and I wouldn’t treat them like any other human. He was right. I didn’t want to tell anyone about them because people would think that I was being pretentious. Hey, that means I’m not prejudiced. And I’m not pretentious either. I feel better now. That’s the first time I’ve let myself think better of me since that night.

So, guess what I did. I called his friend who just happened to be my friend and gave her the message. I also told her what he’d said to me about being prejudiced. She thinks I’m sweet and kind and told me so but she also said I shouldn’t keep messages from the other side secret when it involved well-known people. We’re all the same which I knew but it’s so easy for one to say they’ve spoken with a leader in society when they haven’t. My fear was others thinking that I’d do such a thing but here I am I finally said it.

Since then I’ve let well-known others speak through me too.
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Ghost Stories Told by You

Listed are reader ghost stories told in their own words and wrought through their experience with ghosts. See you don’t have to be a psychic or medium to see ghosts or in any way communicate with the other side. But guess what once you know you’ve seen a ghost you may not call yourself psychic but I, Da Juana Byrd, psychic and medium, sure will.

People who’ve come to me for readings and some who haven’t but were so upset have told me that they’ve opened new film, put it in their camera and came away with a picture they know wasn’t double exposed.

Some don’t want to share openly with us as is the case of a doctor (psychiatrist) who sent me a picture of her children getting back into a van after a road trip. The picture had ghosts from the early 1920’s above and around her children doing acrobatic aerial displays even touching her children’s faces. That was after they visited a graveyard which, you may have guessed already, held the bodies of the 1920’s era people who were now ghosts.

This doctor was beside herself especially since she didn’t believe in any of this or in people like me a medium and a psychic but here she was sending me, a psychic and medium from the Internet, the picture wondering if these ghostly entities had followed her home. Did I mention she was a psychiatrist? You can see how that would be a concern to her if her colleagues found out she was requesting my help. Her concern for her children was so much more than that though.

I’ve been working television and had ghosts show up on the usual recording film. So, seeing and knowing this I can say without a doubt you don’t always have to have special infrared to find a friendly ghost photo bombing you.

It’s the same with using your own camera or smart phone. Ghosts show up where they want. They have freedom of choice. Most often they are your loved ones.

Share Your Ghost Stories Too Please

See you’ve found out some things about me that I don’t normally share but now I have.

So, if you’d please share both your ghost photos if you have them and your ghost stories, we’d be ever so grateful. All of us, especially me, like to hear a real, authentic ghost story. And you might even get me to comment because I get so enthusiastic about ghosts. Bring those ghost stories on please.


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