Bouncing Ball Ghosts

Bouncing Ball

This story all takes place in the state of Washington. About 8 years ago a neighbor that I was getting acquainted with where I had just moved was very skeptical about my Psychic ability. She had been raised in a religion that didn’t believe in psychics. Even though she was in her 50’s at the time and left the religion at a very young age her beliefs had stayed with her. We talked about different things I do like fire walking.

We went to dinner one night. At the end she asked me to do a reading. After the reading she was a believer. In our talking after that she wanted to have her children do a fire walk by me. She arranged for a night that we would have a bar-b-q at one of her children’s home on tribal grounds.

The firewall didn’t ever get set. Instead we spent the evening talking about all kinds of things. Her son-in-law and some of her grandchildren decided to take a walk on the grounds out behind the house. I began to explain to the son-in-law that I was seeing entities. His intrigue kept me talking about the ghosts/entities that lived there on the grounds.

After walking and talking for a while we went back to the house. My friend’s daughter asked me what I saw about the noise up in the loft of their home. At that time we went up into the loft. I saw a very young boy (ghost) who stood bouncing a ball. He looked to be about eight years old. The daughter then said they heard the ball bouncing every morning about 5:00 am every morning. I explained to them that he hadn’t wanted to leave earth. I then asked the family if they wanted him to stay or send him to heaven. They said they didn’t mind him being there. I left him with prayer and knowing that he was protected.

A few day later my neighbor/friend who took me to her daughter’s families home told me she could here the little boy bouncing the ball in her home. I asked her if she was ok about it. I felt he was traveling between the house and my friend’s home. I felt he had attached himself to her because he liked her energy.

Two years later approximately my friend and her husband moved about 150 miles north of where we were all living at the time. New neighbors moved in. After my friend moved I heard the boy bouncing the ball. He seemed to have lost where my friend was. I called her and she said, “send him to her”. She didn’t mind being his keeper.

There was an upstairs apartment where my friend lived and a downstairs apartment. The lady who moved into the upstairs apartment had two little boys. A man and a woman moved in downstairs. None of these people seemed to know anything about psychic phenomenon nor did they want to find out about it.

The lady in the downstairs apartment had told me she was hearing impaired and would take her hearing aids out at night. I was not a manager in the apartment but did keep an eye out on the small complex for the owner. Neighbors would tell me their complaints. The lady downstairs started complaining about the neighbors upstairs. She said, “her and her kids were way to noisy”. A noise war began between them. I was talking with the neighbor downstairs one evening and she started describing the noise. She, “said about 5:00.m. in the morning it would sound like someone was bouncing a ball”. To myself, I went oh no, this lady would never understand if I explained about the eight year old entity/ghost who visits. I knew also the little boy was coming back and forth from my friends. The noise war got solved by the neighbor soon after moving out. Not long after that the neighbor upstairs moved out.

The little boy was now with me. New neighbors moved upstairs from me who had a little boy. Now a pattern is emerging, as even my friend had her young grandchildren come and stay sometimes for three and four days at a time. My friend had three grandsons. Back to the first house my friend’s daughter and son-in-law had a little boy.

The eight year old entity/ghost was delighted to have the boys with him. A year later the neighbor upstairs moved. Another family moved in who had a young boy. I could always hear him bouncing the ball around 5:00 a.m. It didn’t bother me because I knew he was happy with the other boys around him.

Recently I moved four hours away. About the third night I was here I could hear him when I went to bed bouncing the ball. At first I wasn’t believing that he had followed me. Finally when I saw his form I knew it was him. I decided it was time to send him to heaven and God. With prayers each night I was hearing and seeing him less. He still comes to visit once in a while but he doesn’t seem to be lost any more. I feel he has a new freedom.