My Four-Year-Old Sees Ghosts

My Four-Year-Old Sees Ghosts

My story is very interesting, well at least to me it is. My four-year-old daughter has just recently told me that she see’s a little boy in our apartment. See it starts off like this; she has been having these awful nightmares since we have moved into this apartment which was four months ago. She will wake up screaming, kicking, crying, and acting like she is hitting someone. By the time my husband and I got her to wake up she could never remember what she was dreaming about. This would happen every night, and she could never get enough sleep. Then over spring break she told me what she sees. She said that there is a young boy who watches her every night. That he is covered in blood and that he hits her in the back with this thing. Now I have always believed in ghosts but considering that this is my own four-year-old daughter that really freaked me out.

Well when I was in high school I had this teacher who was and still is a psychic. So I called her up and had her come to my apartment. Before she
even came to my apartment she had a description of the little boy, and half of the story why he is there. When she actually came to my apartment that’s when things got weird. He told her that his name is Alex and he is about six years old. He was murdered by his mother’s boyfriend at a park in San Antonio, TX called Espada Park. He said that that day his family was there at the park for a picnic. Everything was fine until it was time to leave.

Alex had taken his toys with him that day and had them kind of scattered around the area. The mom’s boyfriend asked him to pick them up so that they could leave. Alex said ok and started to pick the toys up, but unfortunately was not fast enough for the boyfriend. That’s what got the man upset, so he started to beat him. Then he went and got a tire iron and beat him in the head with it. Alex says that he is still buried to this day under a huge tree with a big knot on it at the park. Nothing was ever resolved from this matter. He knows that a male reporter from the San Antonio Morning News went to question his mom but she just kind of sent him away.

After he was telling us that, he stated that he was sorry for scaring my kids and that he was just showing them what would happen to them if they
were bad, and that adults were bad people. We simply told him that he had no reason what so ever to fear my husband and I. We have never hurt our kids and never plan to. Then he said that my daughter was his friend that he was just trying to protect her, and that he is sorry for making her cry all the time. He stated that he trusts us now and that he promises to be good and that he will let my kids sleep. I truly hope so. I still want to try and find him though. I live pretty close to this park and use to go there as a kid, so maybe one day my husband and I can help put Alex’s’ soul to rest.


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