White Spirals

White Spirals

Recently my siblings and I met at the White River in Arkansas for a much needed respite. Our plans were to trout fish and go through some pictures from our parent’s estate with each of us being able to take those pictures that were most meaningful to him or her.

We chose the White River because it was halfway for my brother from Houston and my sister and me from Kansas City. We chose the trout resort at the White River as a fitting homage to our father who was an avid trout fisherman and who always took us, as a family, on fishing expeditions. He loved nature, as did my mother, and both instilled that love of nature in their three children.

The river and surrounding area were magnificently beautiful, even in their winter dullness. I felt so alive down there and felt it was also a very spiritual place. Every night I would look at the stars, which are not as noticeable as in the urban area where I live, and talked to my parents who I knew were with us in this beautiful, natural environment.

I took several pictures of the river with my digital camera, and when I returned home to my computer to look at them, I was amazed to see a number of white orbs over the river in one of the pictures. On further inspection, I also noticed what appear to be white spirals that seem to be coming up from the river. These orbs and spirals did not appear on any of the other pictures I took of the river. I would love to email the photo to you and ask if you think these might be “spirits,” although in my heart I feel they are.


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