Ghost visitors

Yesterday, it came to my attention that I take ghost visitors for granted.  A friend and I had been talking by phone a couple of days ago when her dead mother stepped into my vision. More... 

Of course I said something to her about her mother and how she looked but I failed to mention at the time that her mother was standing there with me.  It wasn’t until yesterday, while taking a break from work and talking with my husband, Claude, that I realized that I take the other side as an expected event and that not everyone, including my friend sees them.  While talking with her, I acted as if she knew exactly what I was seeing because I didn’t think about the fact that she wasn’t.

In speaking with my husband, it occurred to me.  I picked up the phone called her back and apologized for my errant thinking.  I referred to the conversation, told her that her mother was with me and how she’d not really had anything to say but just wanted her to know she was there.  We both said our goodbyes and hung up.

That’s when her mother stepped in again and reminded me that there’d been another person present with her as well and that I’d failed to tell her daughter about her and what they were speaking about and where they were.  Chastened, I called my friend again and told her how sorry I was for bothering her but that her mother reminded me that there was more information to give. 

To say the least the information I take for granted, my friend did not.  While I relayed the place, what they were speaking of and all that, I realized that the lady with her back to me hadn’t noticed me at all and was talking to my friend’s mother about the soul that was about to join them on the other side.  Not something to be taken for granted and obviously a message her mother wanted her daughter to have.

See even a psychic medium doesn’t know it all and, moreover, we can be surprised too.

Da Juana